_Freeman Plat is best defined by the etymology of the name itself. Freeman refers to a man unbound from the constraints of society due to a God-given competence to learn, overcome and accomplish in all walks of life. Plat originates from the root word platypus and refers to a cultured individual who is knowledgeable in a variety of fields. 

_F*** the man. I’m the man. FTMITM is a proprietary symbol of ingrained self-confidence that is executed as a gold stamp on all of our product. This mark is not a mark of conceit; nor is it an indication of contempt towards those in positions higher than our own. However, it does serve as a silent creed of bold encouragement, motivation and belief that one can and will become the individual that he/she was meant to be. No man holds dominion over another. So, if work is done, goals will be attained.

_It's as simple as that. Do work. Sadly, this message is many times lost amongst the superficial imagery of today's society. The world covets results, but fails to mention the effort. We'd like to change that. Freeman Plat celebrates the hard work; it inspires us. Our story derives from the next generation of entrepreneurs and executives who pride themselves in turning dreams into reality at the beat of their own drum. They are the future. 

They are Freeman Plat.